Exercise; 50 Most Asked Questions

The 50 most asked Questions (Part 1 (10 Q/A), by George Snyder 1. I’ve never exercised before; how do I begin?  Freestyle Methods can work for every woman, regardless of her age or training level. However, Freestyle protocols assume a person has at least a minimal level of physical fitness and the approval of her … Continue reading

Why Freestyle?

  Why Freestyle?   By George Snyder   There is only one logical way to train, that’s with as much of the Compound Movements as possible. And that’s what the Freestyle Methods has as one of its three key principals. You have to follow these three principals and the rule whether you are a woman … Continue reading

1914-2011; Jack LaLanne, The World’s Fitness Guru

As a small child in the 60’s I can clearly remember my mother working out with Jack laLanne every morning before she set off for work. She pulled out her little mat and small weights as she did the routine with him.   Our TV was one of the older models with a very small … Continue reading

The Difference in Reaching Fitness Goals

Regardless of age, Freestyle can be modified for people of all ages and physical condition.   I want you to visualize the two bodies shown on this page – one is Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. Olympia winner and to the other is Aly Fronk, Miss Freestyle winner – which do you want to look like? The photos … Continue reading

Freestyle Training vs Isolation

Freestyle Training by George Snyder (Vanida) Has the industry sold us a false bill of goods? This in-depth look at the merits of Compound vs. Isolation Exercise shows that there is room for major improvement! (Katerina Tinina, Freestyle Finalist) The evolution of Freestyle has changed the way women exercise. Because one of the goals of … Continue reading

You are what you eat!

We are what we eat. Sound familiar? I am sure you heard that a million times. But it helps if we know what we are eating and how much of it to know the effects on our body. Just like a car needs different oils, gas and water to keep the engine vitals going, we need to … Continue reading

Matthias Hues greets his fans in Russia

While promoting health, fitness and Martial Arts with his friend and colleague Alexander Nevsky, Matthias Hues greets his fans, 2011. http://www.personaltrainers4la.com

Matthias announces his visit to “Meet the Stars”

Living like Tarzan on the island of Bali, Matthias Hues, along with Leslie Carleton,  announces his visit to the Martial Arts – Con “Meet the Stars” in Germany. http://www.personaltrainer4la.com

Matthias & Timea Star Super Bodies

Matthias Hues and Timea Majorova in Hungary promoting Star Super Bodies and the annual Fit Parade in Budapest. http://www.personaltrainer4la.com

Matthias Hues in Moscow

Matthias Hues in Moscow representing fitness, health and Martial Arts around the world,  2011. http://www.personaltrainer4la.com